Why are the leaderboards not loading?

JakSpeedruns generates leaderboards and scores by utilizing the speedrun.com API. If our leaderboards are slow to generate or not generating at all, it is most likely because speedrun.com is experiencing high loads of traffic or technical difficulties. If speedrun.com is running fine, try refreshing the page.

How does the scoring system work?

The scores are calculated using a combination of four main variables: how many runs each category has, how difficult the categories are, how spread out the times are for each category (competitiveness), and how your run compares to the average run. Points are added for every category that a runner has ran. Ask G3catcher for more details.

How do I get my stream featured on the site?

If you are a Jak and Daxter speedrunner and want your stream to be featured on the site when you do your runs, just ask Ruh to add you to the list of runners to be featured.

How does the JakSpeedruns sponsorship program work?

The JakSpeedruns sponsorship program provides stream artwork and promotion for speedrunning events that raise money for charitable organizations. For more information on the program, send an email to info@jakspeedruns.com or get in contact with Ruh.

Question not answered here? Send an email to info@jakspeedruns.com with your inquiry.