About JakSpeedruns

Riley - Creator/Owner, Web Designer

Travis Daily - Algorithm & Leaderboard Coding

xTVaser - Leaderboard Coding & Optimization

G3catcher - Algorithm Designer

JakSpeedruns.com is a website dedicated to the speedrunners of the Jak and Daxter series. The goal of the site is to provide accessibility to content that cannot be found on the Jak and Daxter speedrun.com pages, such as a point system, tools and resources, featured streams of Jak speedrunners, and a community wiki. The site and its team also sponsor many events by providing custom artwork, website promotions, and online branding.

Points are distributed to runners per category based on a series of variables:

  1. Number of runners in the category
  2. How good their time is compared to other runners in the category
  3. Difficulty of the category (category ratings listed below)
  4. Other miniscule factors

Runners will receive 0 points if their run is too far under the category's average. Runners will also receive an extra 50 points for completing a difficulty 3 category and 100 points for a difficulty 4 category (25 and 50 respectively if it is an extension category). Points from all categories will then be added up to determine the total number of jakspeedruns points shown on the home screen.

Extension Categories must have at least 5 runs in order to be eligible to gain points. Once an extension category reaches 5 runners, there will be a community discussion as to which difficulty rating the category should receive.

Have a question? Check the FAQ page.

Category Difficulty Levels

Easy [0] - Reserved for minigames and categories that do not utilize conventional start and finish methods.

Normal [1] - Easy to learn, easy to complete runs.

Hard [2] - Easy to learn, hard to complete runs.

Expert [3] - Hard to learn, hard to complete runs. Includes 50 point bonus for completion.

Legendary [4] - Reserved for the absoulte most difficult categories. Includes 100 point bonus for completion.